Noritake close up

I spotted a set of 4 dessert plates and 4 bowls at Grand Bazaar Antiques and just had to have them! I was drawn to the soft pastel yellow and the detailed floral design. After doing some homework, I learned that these are vintage Noritake and the pattern is called “Leona”. The back stamp on these pieces includes”M” for Morimura brothers in a wreath, crowned by “NORITAKE” and below, “Hand painted” and “Made in Japan”. This mark was registered in 1918 and seems to have come in to use in the early 1920’s when it was used until around 1940. My plates are dated 1936. These will be perfect for Spring/Summer table settings…now I am on the hunt for more matching pieces.

Noritake full view

Noritake 6 piece view