I have a passion for Pinot Noir and I want to share one of my favorites from Oregon, Owen Roe’s Sharecropper’s (2010) which you can buy for about $18-24.


Tasting Notes: Sourced from some of their favorite vineyards in the Willamette Valley, this wine showcases the bright floral and red berry fruit flavors predominant in this region. The Sharecropper’s Pinot Noir of 2010 showcases notes of Rainier cherry and juicy raspberry, which are enhanced by structural nuances of mushroom, earth and tobacco.

About: During the economic recession of 2001, and Owen Roe’s first couple vintages as a winery, Oregon Pinot Noir growers were facing hardship in selling their fruit, come harvest time. At Owen Roe, they wanted to help their farming friends and prevent missing out on such well-tended, beautiful fruit. They were presented with the difficult and costly purchasing of grapes to process, cellar and bottle, waiting several months to recover their costs on the finished wine. To overcome this obstacle, they decided to bring back the historical business practice of sharecropping, resulting in the aptly named wine, “Sharecropper’s.” This partnership meant that Owen Roe would take the fruit, make the wine and once it was sold, share the profits with our growers. This remains an important part of our history and due to the success of this wine; they are now able to pay their growers upfront.