pair of plates

I found a set of these elegant plates at Summit Antiques Center and I look forward to incorporating them into my next tablescape. When I was leaving the antique shop, the owner called me the new “dish maven”. My plate addiction has become difficult to hide and my hubsand is contemplating an intervention.

black floral plates long view

According to the mark on the underside of the plates, they were made by G.L. Ashworth & Bros. of Hanley, Staffordshire, England, in the late 19th century. The pottery was founded in 1784 and became part of the Wedgwood Group in 1973. Ashworth made earthenware and ironstone. The printed mark on these plates date them around 1880. The pattern is calledPersiana-featuring a bird flying towards a rustic table with intricately-patterned flowers and leaves.


Look for them in next week’s tablescape!