Whether for Easter or Mother’s Day, I will include this delicate vintage sugar and creamer set from Bavaria in my Spring tablescapes. The soft pink and green floral is just perfect for Spring!

sugar bowl close up

I found this set at Summit Antiques Center and it will nicely complement the pink and green pastel teacups and saucers (see prior post). This sugar and creamer were made by a German porcelain company, ‘Zeh, Scherzer & Co.’ which was founded in 1880 and produced a wide range of pieces including coffee and tea sets, tableware, and decorational porcelain.

mint tea set partial view

The mark on this set was used between 1880 and 1918 (according to Porcelain Marks & More) and both pieces are hand signed by the artist.

zsc bavaria mark

Here is some more interesting background on Z.S.&C. from Porcelain Marks & More:

Items made by Z.S.&C also caught the eye of the ‘Geo. Borgfeldt & Co.’ company and during January 1907 and May 1908 ‘Zeh, Scherzer & Co.’ produced a series of items exclusively for the company from New York. Being very successful in decorational porcelain, the company opened its own art department in 1908 next to many other famous designers. Based on the ongoing success of the business and the drastic increase in sales after opening the art department, the company was changed into an limited company on October 7th 1910.

After becoming a limited company, the business started to expand gradually as the name of ‘Zeh, Scherzer & Co.’ established itself on the German market. The design department and the art department had started to work together closely, exchanging ideas and successfully integrating art elements in normal household products. With such trained designers, the design department itself was no longer necessary and was slowly disbanded from 1919 onwards. Some collectors like to point out that this was the greatest period of the company, resulting in some of the most beautiful pieces produced.

Source: PorcelainMarksAndMore.com