I received this pretty vintage Bavarian plate as a gift from a friend who knows I am a plate addict.

Red bavaria plate

The delicate plate has a gold rim and handpainted red strawberries. The plate is marked with the green undgerglaze mark R.C. with swords and a crown on top with Bavaria written below and the word “Tilly” which is the name of the pattern.

red bavaria plate

Rosenthal Bavaria mark

R.C. is Rosenthal & Co. When I looked up the origin of this porcelain mark, I learned that Phillip Rosenthal opened his first factory in 1891 and the first world exposition of his products was in 1900. Since then, until today, Rosenthal has been a renowned name for quality porcelain. This mark was used between 1898 and 1906. (Source: http://woulfeman.com/European%20Porcelain%20Markings%201.htm)

red bavaria plate place setting